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Construction Services

Bold Control provides Lenders the in-depth information needed to accurately monitor and control funding decisions relative to their construction/term projects.
Term Portfolio Services

Bold Control can provide Lenders with an analysis of existing portfolio properties. This is beneficial for Lenders looking to refinance.
Consulting Services

Bold Control offers all types of consultation; construction administration analysis, policy and procedure reviews, and risk control assessment.

Bold Control, Inc.

Established to prevent real estate loss for lending institutions by monitoring risk associated with construction and term projects.

Bold Control reviews residential and commercial construction projects, existing term portfolios, distressed properties, commercial and residential A&D projects, etc.

Assessments are conducted by professional agents located throughout the United States. Reporting is uniform, consistent and timely. Standardized pricing is available allowing Lenders to predict and disclose costs with accuracy. Bold Control is not confined geographically. We perform where the Lender has need.

Who is on your team?
Mission Statement
"To provide security and loss prevention for the Construction
/Term Lender and Borrower throughout the construction or term phase of the project."

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